Bridger Brewing

Bridger Brewing

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1609 South 11th Avenue , Bozeman, Montana 59715, United States
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In 2007 I met David Sigler with whom I teamed up to form a new engineering consulting company. Before we started the company I warned David that I was not sure if I wanted to continue consulting…that it might be time to pursue my dream of opening a brewery. He said “Why don’t you do both?”…a typical response from David, optimism and energy are never in short supply with this man! And so I did, with his indispensable help. We built our new company from the ground up and in our spare time we researched locations for our future brewery. We had several chances and many disappointments over the years that only hardened our resolve. During this time we learned more and more about business, the craft brewery industry and what it would take to not just be successful, but great!

In 2011 the final and perhaps most essential piece of what would become the Bridger Brewing cog was brought on board. My long-time friend and cooking companion Jim Eberhard would run the kitchen and bring his enormous passion for food to match my brewery creations. Jim’s expertise in the kitchen was passed down through a talented family tree and has been honed over campfires and cook stoves…and a love of the outdoors. For 20 years, he has guided on Montana’s rivers; running Bridger Brewing’s kitchen would become a natural extension of his attention to detail and excellent service.

Choosing the Bridger Brewing name for our dream was easy. From the mountain man Jim Bridger himself; to the beautiful mountains that surround our community, the name is legendary; inspiring happenings that are outside the realm of “possibility” for most, but not for us. We climb the iciest peaks, swim the swiftest rivers, con the most elusive trout, still hunt, gather or grow many of our meals, laugh easy, cry some and perhaps most of all, relish and appreciate this miraculous spot on the globe we call home.

So the Bridger Brewing Story is rooted in creativity, in friendship, in perseverance, in trust, and emphatically in the belief that anything is possible and that we can all do everything better! We can! Bridger Brewing is a local Bozeman brewery that has live music on certain nights. Contact us to book a show!