Peak Recording

Peak Recording

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395 Valley Drive , Bozeman, Montana 59718, United States
Detailed Information

Peak Recording was established in 1981 in a rented house in Bozeman, Montana.

Since then, we’ve grown up and moved into our own place, designed and built as a professional studio.

We’re a “one-room” facility, which means that when you’re recording at Peak, the studio is all yours, and your privacy is assured.

Peak features, in addition to the main studio, an isolation room, and the control room is designed to accommodate a musician or two to serve as a second “iso” space. Our lounge is also wired to be capable of housing an instrument amp, in effect turning it into a third “iso” space.

We’ve recorded classical, jazz, rock, country, blue-grass, hip-hop, you name it!  We’ve never recorded Tuvan Throat Singers, but it could happen!

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